Can’t get enough wargaming? Be sure to check out some of our friends in the below list!

War Drum Games

War Drum Games is the first war game publisher in Shanghai,China and a publisher of some exceptional games,including our “Hitler Strikes North”! Check them out on their Facebook page.

Bonsai Games

With well over 20 games under their belt and headed by renowned game designer Yasushi Nakaguro, Bonsai Games is a Japanese design and publishing firm that produces some of the finest game around. Check them out on their official website.

Panzer Digest

Panzer Digest magazine has been published by Minden Games since 2007, and is edited by Gary Graber. Each issue includes two or more wargames, with an emphasis on solitaire (and solitaire friendly) designs! Check them out on their official website.

War Diary

Another must read magazine is War Diary! Published quarterly, each print issue of War Diary features articles on military history, game play and variants, game reviews, commentary, interviews with gaming personalities, and insight from game designers and developers. Check them out on their official website.

Australian Design Group

Their motto of “makers of fine games” couldn’t be more true as ADG publishes both board and computer games covering fascinating topics, among their catalog is “Empire in Arms” and the widely popular “Wold in Flames”. Check them out on their official website.

Revolution Games

This Sacramento based publisher and web store has an extensive catalog of some of the best games (including some Quarterdeck International games)! Be sure to check them out on their official website.