Maiden Voyage

I want to add some thoughts this July 2. Of course this was John Adams wrote about would be the “Glorious 2nd of July” but was off by 2 days. I am pleased that all current orders have been shipped and also pleased to announce that MIDWAY from Bonsai Games has sold out. The last four copies are bound to Italy!

Derek has been helpful setting up links to our friends whose help has been GREATLY appreciated. We will be linking some VASSAL game here as well. AND a newsletter is in the offing . . .

We are proud to announce our new website is ready to set sail! For years we have lacked a central means to communicate news on games we have designed/imported, rules erratas and above all an online store of our own that will allow us to sell direct to customers and pass the savings along too!

We are still getting everything settled on our end but please take a second to explore the site and book mark this news page as it will be constantly updated with new games, designer interviews and more exclusive content!

Thank you for your support!

-Jack Greene