Quarterdeck International Newsletter #1

So, we are up and running and to a quite large degree to the efforts of Derek Harris from upstate. It is also good, to me, that much of our game components (primarily rules & charts) are produced right here in Vicksburg.

I am sure you want to know what is coming down the pike in the very near future. We will hopefully have the newsletter service running soon as well!

 1.    In September we can expect 278TH SQUADRON: The Same 4 Cats. It is the first Solitaire game I have published and is from Marco Campari. Italian torpedo bombers in the MED. Joint publication in China, Japan and English speaking nations.

2.    CUSTOZA featuring the 1848 and 1866 battles in Italy against the Austrians. This is a fun game from Europa Simulazioni. WITH English rules.

3.    Also coming from Italy is OBBEDISCO! 1866 The Bezzecca Campaign. This, also in English, is from ACIES EDIZIONI and is on Garibaldi’s campaign in the Alps.

4.    CARICAT! Into Glory Ride is also from ACIES EDIZIONI and is on two battles featuring cavalry – Pastrengo (1848) and Montebello (1859).

5.    St-Lô ( originally from West End Games) – the classic Joe Balkoski design redone with modern graphic quality and with a mild face-lift. Corrected order-of-battle and some minor rule changes. NOT corrections but improvements.

6.    Also coming is Sergio Schiavi’s FROM SALERNO TO ROME. The 1943 campaign includes Taranto and the British landing there. From the designer of RADETZKY’S MARCH. (Two pictures are featured below)

 Speaking of RADETZKY’S MARCH, it is almost sold out so if you think you want a copy, get it NOW. The new TOGO maps with the missing two bottom rows is sold out but I still have older versions missing those two rows available at $6.00. For a larger playing area they work out just fine IMO.

 Storage for our games has been improved and future projects are in the works. Stay in touch for the latest!


Jack Greene

President and Janitor