Quarterdeck International Newsletter #2

Greetings Gamers!
We are proud to announce two more games are being added to our catalog! CARICAT! Into Glory Ride and OBBEDISCO! 1866 The Bezzecca Campaign. The first is two small cavalry battles fought in northern Italy as part of the Unification of Italy (Pastrengo - 1848 & Montebello - 1859). OBBEDISCO! Is an operational level game on Garibaldi’s campaign in northern Italy in 1866. They are short & fast with EXCELLENT English rules.
Both games have 140 ½” counters and the mapsheets are “A2” which roughly translates into 17x24 inches. CARICAT has maps for each battle on BOTH sides. Both rulebooks use large point size, in English and are only 8 & 9 pages long respectively.

Both are Zip-locked and in transit to the United States. Retailing for $24.00 each, I have them at a SPECIAL price until Halloween of $20.

The below games are also available from us with our most popular being on sale until Halloween!

RACE TO TOKYO: The 1946 Panned Invasion (boxed) $55
RACE TO TOKYO: The 1946 Planned Invasion (zip-lock) $39 – SPECIAL $30
MORAVIAN SUN: Austerlitz (boxed) $45
WISE BAYONETS – 1799 & Suvorov (boxed) $45
ADOWA & DOGALI – Colonial wars (boxed) $39
BRACCIO DA MONTONE – Condottiero battles Sant’Egidio (1416) & L’Aquila (1424) (boxed $45)
HITLER STRIKES NORTH Chinese/American version (boxed) - $30.
HITLER STRIKES NORTH Chinese version Countersheet - $6 (for those who have the original game) – consider these as zip-locked.
GLORY RECALLED: Hong Kong 1941 (boxed) - $70
TOGO: Dawn of the Dreadnought (Zip & in stock) – SPECIAL $30

These two games are from EUROPA SIMULAZIONI and are operational level games on the two Napoleonic campaigns. Lovely maps and lovely counters. Go to their home page and Board Game Geek to see more!

RADETZKY’S MARCH: 1849 Campaign of Novara (boxed) - $57 (AWARD WINNING AND in very limited numbers)
A STEP TO VICTORY: The Bougainville Campaign 1943-45 (Zip) $11

Available from Jack Greene, P.O. Box 822005, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 39182. For all questions please email vicksburgjack@gmail.com. PAYPAL is fine or send me a check. If you order more than the two new incoming games, ALL of your order will ship together. Orders of 3 or more games in the USA receive FREE shipping. If the games are all zip-lock – shipping is $8. $14 for 1 or 2 boxed games. If in CANADA or overseas, contact me directly as shipping is more than bizarre. Go to our new site: www.Quarterdeckinternational.com.

Jack Greene, CEO and Janitor